Why White People Adopt Black Babies

she joined a growing list of White celebrities who have adopted Black babies in recent ..
Considering that fact that African American babies aren't adopted nearly as easily as babies of any other race (mostly because African Americans adopt in general less than any other demographic), I should say that society as a whole should be grateful to anyone willing to adopt these kids. More (white) Canadian's adopt black babies than Americans.
It's Cheaper To Adopt Black Babies Than White Ones
When actress Charlize Theron brought son Jackson home in March, she joined a growing list of White celebrities who have adopted Black babies in recent years. Sandra Bullock. Madonna. Angelina Jolie. Jillian Michaels. Kristin Davis. Mary-Louise Parker. Many more. It’s Cheaper To Adopt Black Babies Than White OnesTime To Stop Making Fun Of White Celebrities For Adopting Black BabiesWill It Always Be Cheaper to Adopt Black Babies? | Babble
In the last month, both Charlize Theron and Jillian Michaels went public with the news of adding to their family through adoption. In both cases, their new additions are black children, which has sparked a flurry of Internet commenters to question the "trend" of white celebrities adopting black babies. This conversation has become a predictable subject every time a celebrity adopts a child of color. It usually takes a cynical tone, as if black children are a fashionable accessory... this year's Manolo Blahniks. Frankly, I'm a little weary of the scrutiny, and of the idea that transracial adoption is merely a trend. I'm going to attempt to answer that question, and then I'm going to suggest some more relevant questions we should be asking about race and adoption. But first:This is why I get so upset when black people attack white parents for adopting black. Our kids are sitting there in these orphanages and not being adopted. International adoption of black babies is even worse. Who cares who adopts a baby as long as they have a warm bed to sleep on, loving arms and their daily meals. I wish I had more money because I would adopt. I just can’t afford it right now. Precious babies.EVERY so often,black Africans debate the adoption of black babies by white couples, and it can getagitated. Who can forget that furore over pop star Madonna’s adoptions in Malawi?Another adoptive parent, Dawn Friedman of the blog "," found that the three adoption agencies she looked at charged full price for children of all races besides black, and around half price for black children. When Friedman explained that she would take whatever baby came her way, she was advised by one agency “You may as well get the fee break. If you are open to adopting a black baby, you will get a black baby.”So why are a lot ofblack couples not open to adopting, but are first to oppose when other racesadopt abandoned black babies that could benefit from being placed in a lovingand stable home irrespective of the colour or culture of its prospectivefamily? Adopting black babies appears to be a trend with white celebrities these days. Transracial adoptions must be the new fashion in Hollywood because stars, including Kristin Davis, are joining the new fad. Can you guess who?