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What Are The Advantages of Preschool?
I don't see any disadvantages of true preschools. My youngest went to a "real" preschool at age 3 which meant she was away from home for 2 1/2 hours, twice a week. She did great and she loved it! When she was 4, she switched over to public pre-K (I couldn't afford to send her to a private pre-K). I didn't like it as much because it was like regular school from 8am - 3pm. That's too long for a little 4 year old...
So, having done my personal research, these have been the advantages of preschool for me and my family. Just one mom’s point of view.
One of the biggest advantages of preschool can be the opportunity that your child or children will have to interact with other children in a social way. These sorts of interactions provide opportunities to develop critical social skills, such as learning how to take turns, learning how to listen, and learning how to wait. These social skills could certainly come by interacting with other children of their age outside of the preschool setting, but the preschool setting is specifically designed so that these skills can be encouraged. Advantage of Preschool « K R Senior Secondary SchoolWhat is the advantage of preschool? | Preschools NSWADVANTAGES OF PRESCHOOL FOR TODDLERS | Montessori Daycare | Pinterest