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Austin Powers Villains (Peaches) by Fugazi1968
Undoubtedly, Myers creation of The Guru Pitka is an original one. Something we really haven't seen in a movie before. But everything that surround him, we have. He bends his legs over his head like the Austin Powers villain Goldmember, he rides around on a motorized pillow reminiscent of Dr. Evil and his various troublesome chairs, he unleashes a stream of Freudian slips when he encounters ("How do you do? Shrimp?" "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your gnome... name!" "You are a midget") similar to Austin Powers meeting Number Three character in . You know - the one with the mole? ("Moley, moley, moley!") There is an Austin Powers-esque dance number and The Guru Pitka has unfortunate body hair like Powers as well - there's another trailer showing him showering with long nipple hair that comes to a point like his beard. Austin Powers villain suspected of muder. an Austin Powers villain in a play of the classic game. He reprised his infamous Austin Powers villain role of DrList of Austin Powers characters - WikipediaThe following is a list of fictional characters from the Austin Powers series of films.