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B-flat soprano and bass clarinet are the most commonly played members of the clarinet family, finding their way into orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz bands, small ensembles and solo performance. The best overall clarinets we’ve listed here are manufactured by reputable brands, built of high-quality, industry-standard materials designed to facilitate great sound production, accurate tuning, and smooth key action. Each clarinet comes with a case, mouthpiece, ligature, at least one reed and a cleaning swab, though performers will most likely want to customize their mouthpiece setup. For more help selecting the best clarinet for your needs, .

If you are looking for the best clarinet on the market, take a look at the new .

After years of live collaboration, Don Byron and Bang on a Can step into the studio together to create Byron's follow-up to his Grammy-nominated Ivey-Divey. The inimitable clarinetist shows off his talent as a composer in his new CD with the genre-blurring Bang on a Can All-Stars.

The CD is dedicated to ground-breakers, with large-scale works dedicated to one-of-a-kind comic/satirist/star Ernie Kovacs, and to the Tuskegee Airmen, the famous African-American WWII-era fighter squadron.

Lovingly recorded by Byron long-time engineer Tom Lazarus, A Ballad for Many features the Bang on a Can All-Stars at their best, whether negotiating breathtaking cello-piano duets or rocking out with one of Byron's great grooves. This CD creates a unique opportunity to hear Byron's stunning compositional acumen as interpreted by a group other than his own.

"Byron, jazz's best clarinetist, plays on just three of these tracks, but his genius for composing category-defying music shines throughout. Bang on a Can's sextet pulls off Byron's challenges, from the jump-cut humor of the six-part 'Eugene' suite to the wobbly beauty of the waltz-like 'Basquiat.' Don't call this eclectic: It's simply complete."

"Calling Don Byron a jazz musician is like calling the Pacific wet - it just doesn't begin to describe it... Byron has carpentered an extraordinary career precisely by obliterating the very idea of category."
- Ivo Papazov The Best Clarinet Player In The World. Related Videos. ТОЗИ КЮЧЕК НАПРАВО КЪРТИ! Flight of the Bumblebee ... Best Clarinetist Ever.Backun has begun making some of the best clarinet products on the market in some peoples opinions. Try these if you have the chance.A Clarinet player is called a ‘clarinetist’. ... most amazing talented people the world has ever known. ... Best Clarinets for Beginners: ...
Hey, Peter! You missed the point AGAIN. "Best Clarinet Pieces ever WRITTEN". Not best PLAYED by somebody. And Woody Who??? Was he related to Woody Allen? The Yamaha YCL-255 is the best pick clarinet for the beginner. Yamaha constructs their instruments from beginner to professional with the same level of care and have a very positive reputation among musicians and teachers. The YCL-255 is the most reliable, reputable and recommended clarinet for playing in tune, having a great sound and the durability to provide years of use. There are several varieties within clarinet family. They range in size and pitch from the very small, higher-sounding sopranino clarinets to very large, low-pitched contra-bass or contra-alto clarinets. The clarinet most beginners start on is the B-flat soprano clarinet because of its manageable size and common use in orchestras, bands and smaller ensembles.

When purchasing a student-level clarinet, it may seem best to seek out the least-expensive instrument. However, especially for a beginner, lower quality instruments may present mechanical difficulties which make learning frustrating and unnecessarily difficult. In addition, poor quality clarinets are prone to major or frequent repairs, repairs which are often costly or near impossible to fix. While intermediate and professional level clarinets are made of wood, at the student-level the body of the clarinet is most commonly constructed of plastic resin for added durability and to avoid the extra care wooden instruments require.

All of the best student clarinets featured on this list are manufactured by reputable, educator-approved brands, use quality materials which facilitate good tone production and intonation (The ability to play in tune), as well as durability for the beginning player. In addition, each of the following picks comes with a sturdy case, mouthpiece, ligature, at least one reed and a cleaning swab, all the essentials to play and care for the clarinet right out of the case.Much larger than a soprano clarinet, the bass clarinet slightly resembles the curved design of the saxophone. The bass clarinet is used in orchestras, bands and small ensembles to fill out the mid to lower range of the clarinet section. Professional level bass clarinets are constructed out of Grenadilla wood or a similar dense wood to produce a deep, desirable sound. Professional clarinets require extra care because the wooden body will swell or shrink with changing temperatures/humidity and can crack if not handled properly.

When looking for a professional bass clarinet, personal preference for tone and feel of the horn are very important and vary between bass clarinet brands. Ultimately, the final decision will be based on what each individual is looking for but it’s important to choose a high-caliber instrument.

The best bass clarinets recommended here are manufactured by professional, reputable brands and constructed from high quality materials which facilitate great sound production and accurate intonation. These picks feature a low C-key, desired at higher levels of performance, to extend the lower range of the instrument. Each of these bass clarinets also come with a case, mouthpiece, ligature, at least one reed and a cleaning swab (though performers will most likely want to customize their mouthpiece, ligature and reeds).