How to Create a Blogger Profile

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This Worked For me..To Check that your profile name is changed first login to your account follow below link and check your Blogger Profile Name.
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This will led you to a page where it will ask to "Change the Blogger Profile Display name"Change the name & Press "Continue To Blogger". The name will be changed. Again go to link [1] & check that your Blogger Profile Name is Changed. I connected my Blogger profile with Google Plus, but I don't like it anymore. Can I go back and switch to the old Blogger profile?Blogger gave us the ability to revert to a Blogger profile - within 30 daysReplace Blogger Profile with Google+ Profile
Coupled with your profile picture, your Blogger display name identifies you not just on your own blog, but also in the comments you leave on other people's posts. If the display name you chose when you signed up no longer suits you, you can change it by editing your Blogger profile, provided your blog isn't linked to your Google+ profile.If you're blogging with a Google+ profile, you won't see a display name on the Blogger dashboard, since the name under which your posts and comments appear is tied to your Google+ account. If that's the case, the only way to change your display name is to disconnect Blogger from Google+. To do this, click the gear button at the top of the page, select "Revert to Blogger Profile" and then click "Switch to a Limited Blogger Profile." Enter your desired display name in the text field and then click "Continue to Blogger" to return to the dashboard with a confirmation message at the top.To change your display name, click on your name in the upper-right corner of the Blogger dashboard and select "Blogger Profile" from the drop-down menu. This opens your Blogger profile. To edit it, click the "Edit Profile" button. Replace the name in the text field labeled "Display Name" with the new display name you want to use, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Profile." Blogger returns you to the "Edit User Profile" screen, with a confirmation at the top that your changes have been saved. Your display name can be a maximum of 200 characters long and each Blogger account can have only one display name. If you need different names for different blogs, create the blogs using separate accounts.Blogger is a blogging Web site that allows us to share our daily lives with the world from the comfort of our own homes. Create your own blog to stay in touch with family and friends online. Read on to to learn how to create a Blogger profile.Even if you don’t have a blog on Blogger/Blogspot, you probably have a Blogger profile, either to comment on blogs that require you to sign in, or just by default with a Google account. Since my sisters and I have developed our craft blog over the last year, I’ve looked at a lot of Blogger profiles from our commenters. And let me tell you: not all profiles are created equal. But even if you’re not on Blogger, your Blogger profile can be a great tool for driving traffic back to your blog—if you do it right.For Introduction—make this section work! This is the other of the top two most important sections. If you have multiple off-Blogger sites, important career notes and distinctions, and anything else that might make someone come to your site, highlight them here. Since I use the same Blogger profile to comment on blogs in each of the niches I blog in, I try to do this. Here’s what mine says: