Note: College movies involving sports not included.

Top 10 Best College Movies Ever

Take a look at the top 20 college movies -- with one clear-cut favorite -- .
Oh, the irony! Here you are, paying thousands of dollars to continue your education, but the real lesson you need to learn is in the folksy wisdom of that helpful, wisecracking maintenance man! Or what about this: students struggle to solve complicated mathematical formulas but that secret genius of a janitor can solve it effortlessly! College movies love the idea of finding wisdom and smarts in unlikely places, but let's face the facts -- real life isn't 'Good Will Hunting' and sometimes a janitor is just a janitor. How do you like them apples?
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The best college movies don’t just happen to take place on a college campus, they capture the feel of college. The parties, the all-nighter studying sessions, the parties, the intense pressure to succeed, the parties, coming of age surrounded by friends going through the same things you are, and did I mention the parties? And while some of these are genuinely insightful flicks worthy of critical praise, some are just lots and lots of fun. In that respect, these movies represent both the wild and the serious, the fun and the sober and in the process manage to be the 50 best college movies of them all. What are your favorite high school or college movies? Any must-sees that we left off of our list?What are your favorite high school or college movies? Any must-sees that we left off of our list?Send me your top College movies for my next post.
From Animal House to Old School, college parties are depicted on the big screen as disgusting, booze-filled, panty-dropping, park your car on the lawn epic events. And we have found the 25 best college party movies for your enjoyment. are so fantastic because they can be serious and dramatic, or full of the ill-conceived, hilarious antics that college-aged kids are sometimes prone to take part in. For this week's challenge, you all picked some great titles as your favorite college movies, and of those here are the ones that are nearest and dearest to my heart as well. And at the end of the post is a widget with all the bookmarked movies!Whether you’re in school now, a graduate, or have never even attended, the enduring popularity of movies about university is undeniable. Many elements of film that are so prevalent they verge on cliche were born in the college movie genre, and Animal House started it all.
I'm glad bookmarked this movie, not just because I enjoy it as well, but because many college movies center around men and this movie is an interesting portrayal of a women's college in 1953. About Mona Lisa Smile, tdamji writes, "An excellent cast, an interesting plot and it all focuses on one of my majors: Art History!"

I love this movie, as does , who writes this about her pick: "PCU is the BEST college movie. Best moment, and something I quote to this day at concerts: 'What's this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy. '"

Matt Damon playing the working-class genius. Robin Williams the quirky mentor. Ben Affleck donning an exaggerated Boston accent. What's not to love about this inspirational college movie? Thanks to for bookmarking it!
One of the most surprising things about '' is just how much of a typical college movie it is. Granted, it's full of that typical warmth and charm, but the overall story revels in a template as old as 'Animal House' and 'Revenge of the Nerds.' The top ten college party movies of all time? We sure think so. We think you’ll feel inspired by these choices. Spring Break 2012 hurry please!