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Canvassers compare poll books with printouts from voting machines to ensure the number of people who signed in to vote match the number of ballots cast.
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Since there’s such eagerness to compare new books to other popular ones, publishers surely wouldn’t want to pass up on the marketing opportunity the name of an author brings. Comparing John Green’s protagonists, they bear a lot of similarities yet his books regularly are on bestseller list. Does this mean readers don’t compare? Or do they compare and like all his books precisely because they like a particularly sort of main character that they can consistently find in his books? Comparing BooksCover to Cover: Comparing Books to MoviesCOMPARING BOOKS Little Book Owl
One useful technique when comparing books is to tell the comparison tool tobeautify the text and style files before calculating differences. This canoften result in cleaner and easier to follow differences. To do this, click the button in the bottom right and choose . Note that beautifying can sometimes have undesiredeffects, as it can cause invalid markup to be altered to make it valid. You canalso change the number of lines of context shown around differences via the button.Theoretically, each new book could be published under a different name. Marketing-wise, that wouldn’t be such an ideal solution. In fact, publishers seem to love comparing books all the time. Every other synopsis I read points to books from other authors along the lines of, “X meets Y in this exciting new book,” and, “Perfect for fans of Z”.I hope I have given you enough information on how to write a good essay comparing two books. I doubt this post will be as popular as the ‘How To Write A Book Review’ post, but I believe it could be invaluable if a student happens to come across it. Comment with any questions.At the same time, comparing books from one author also allows us to see the differences. Over time, authors hopefully mature and surpass their previous accomplishments. For instance, I read Vicious because V.E. Schwab wrote it. I saw her brilliance in and . Thus, thought I might find it in Vicious too, .