Courage to Dream, Fail, and Dream Again

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[…] by using the form on the right side of this page. Thanks for visiting!Last week I started out with The Courage to Dream in which I introduced the following quote from Sidney A. Friedman: “You can achieve anything you […]
Courage to pursue dreams
Our lives are influenced by those that inspire us along our journey of life. We tend to emulate those that we either admire from a distance or up close.
The following story is about a man and woman who had the courage to dream and to take the actions required to achieve them. […] The Courage to Dream […]MAD The Courage to Dream?The Courage to Dream - Balanced Existence
4. The Courage to Dream Bigger
You will never be able to have your dream job nor live your dream life unless you first find the courage to dream big enough to identify what it is.[…] credit: swambo This is actually the fourth article so far in a series of articles that began with The Courage to Dream. The impetus behind this article series is a powerful quote by Sidney A. Friedman that I’m using […]‘Reel Australia’, is time to celebrate our lives as one.
How we listen and learn, discover and perform, makes us who we are.
Australia’s gift to us is her beauty, her legend, and her strength.
Our gift to Australia is to respect what she has given us, and that is,
The power to heal,
The courage to dream,
And the heart to love.[…] That concludes this article series on how it is we can achieve whatever it is we want in life. If you missed the previous articles you might like to start at the beginning by reading the first article in the series – The Courage to Dream. […][…] you never see them through to the end. This is a simple undeniable fact. Now that you have summoned The Courage to Dream and developed The Intelligence to Make a Realistic Plan it is the time for perseverance and […]Will Maggie Listen to the Warnings of Those She Trusts Most or the Leadings of Her Heart?

The answer to Maggie Montgomery's dream of seeing America has arrived at just the right time. Not only will she be reunited with her beloved brother Rylan, but she'll finally be able to escape Neill Fitzgerald and his increasingly unwanted attentions. She's intent on never returning to Ireland, hoping to build her future in the land of opportunity and perhaps find the love of her life.

While visiting , she meets an intriguing man she thinks is a stable hand. Only when her brother demands she stay away from Adam O'Leary does she learn he's Rylan's brother-in-law, recently released from prison. Nonetheless, Maggie can't seem to make her stubborn heart conform to her brother's request.

Adam O'Leary has never felt worthy of his place in the family. Now a free man, Adam's only desire is to earn back his family's trust. Falling in love with the newly arrived Maggie, however, was never in his plans. Despite everyone's efforts to keep them apart, the two develop a bond it seems nothing can break--but they soon discover the past isn't easy to overcome.

"Mason continues her compassionate saga of the family members who live in Irish Meadows....The prodigal son returns to Irish Meadows, the truth is revealed and the audience will be astonished at the new revelations."--
Praise for the Courage to Dream series
"The spirited O'Leary clan is well drawn and appealing, ready to band together during times of trouble. Mason's enjoyable read lays the groundwork for the next installment, which promises to be just as strong as the first."--starred review)

"Fans of will not be disappointed in this follow-up, which renders a skillful mix of tense family drama, historical romance, and memorable characters that will stay with readers. "--"The author transports readers to Long Island, detailing the saga of the O'Leary and Montgomery families. Sometimes acceptance and love seems to depend on worthiness, but their Heavenly Father teaches them about unconditional love."