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21 VOL 10 NO 1 2012 Digital Media Convergence: Are the Stakeholders Listening
We are currently experiencing the evolution of digital music and the web, in the form of new social playlist services and online lockers to store digital music in the clouds. This is a huge industry with myriad developments in digital media convergence, and warrants a full-length report, so in this section of the scan only selected issues will be reviewed, namely, a focus on some recent social and mobile developments and issues in the digital music space, with an eye on policy implications.

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This is a project for my Digital Media Convergence class. It is a series of photos showing different design elements, edited in Adobe Photoshop. Digital Media Convergence | Digital Design BlogEssay about Sony- Digital Media Convergence - 1401 Wordsdigital media convergence | TelSoc
This range of regulatory approaches and policies in Canada and other jurisdictions includes some measures that are principles-based and others that are more prescriptive. Not all of these initiatives will be appropriate for any one country. What emerges from this scan is a collection of controversies, challenges, opportunities and innovations, loosely joined by their relation to digital media convergence and the development of adaptive regulatory measures. Each of these initiatives arises from or responds to the quickly changing conditions of converged media cultures and shorter life-cycles of technological innovation---and are thus useful to consider as part of a bigger picture of the impact of digital media convergence on individuals, companies and organizations, and societies writ large. BETH KOVACS
The inaugural Digital Media Convergence Symposium brought together industry leaders in animation and video gaming to share what know about the future of digital media with their colleagues in the greater digital media community. Robert Reich, from OneRiot, moderated a discussion on the technological advances that have been made, and are being made, in the field.The aim of this research is to indicate the implications that arise from convergent media trends from both a consumer and regulator’s perspective. It seeks to point out potential threats, complications, confusions and market failures regarding digital media convergences that could have (or are already having) a negative impact on users. To this end the scan incorporates insights and case studies identified in mainstream news media coverage of digital convergence, and from academic papers and publicly available resources such as industry market research, reports, and white papers. Video created for digital media convergence class at Elon University School of Communications. Depicts poverty in Alamance County, North Carolina.