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Khizr Khan’s DNC speech is such a powerful response to all of Donald Trump’s nonsense.
That brings to me a troubling response I saw to Clinton’s DNC speech, that “science is not a belief.” In theory, science provides an objective framework for finding truths about the world. I think that’s what these responses were getting at. But in practice, science is conducted by humans with biases, often blind to them. To ignore how the practice of science is intertwined with politics is to be blind, in turn, to the coming changes. As a President Trump pulls the discourse in his direction, the ground will shift slowly but surely shift underneath our feet.
Michelle Obama’s masterful DNC speech will go down in history as a convention classic
Absent from her DNC speech was Clinton’s in the U.S.-NATO intervention in Libya in 2011, a military campaign that directly resulted in the destabilization of that country and its subsequent descent into chaos. Islamic extremists have since over large swaths of Libya, and have used the country as a staging ground to attempt to Europe. FLOTUS Michelle Obama's DNC speech transcript – Worth reading and repeating!Bleak: Barack Obama spoke without the exuberance that marked his earlier campaigns at the DNC speech last nightMichelle Obama started her speech reminiscing about her early days in the White House and her DNC speech eight years ago
So what was the top topic on Barack Obama’s mind – or at least in his mouth – when he gave his DNC acceptance speech yesterday evening in Denver? It turns out to have been promise – at least according to the . A full word cloud of the speech is below and makes for interesting reading, at least if you go away first and try to come up with a list of words you expect to make the top five:The GOP candidate also went to slam Khizr’s wife, who stood quietly next to her husband during his impassioned DNC speech about their son, Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad in 2004 at the age of 27. (Humayun was posthumously given the Purple Heart award and a Bronze Star for his heroic service.)