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Yesterday’s came from Sylvia Shen who arrived in Manchester from Hong Kong in 1986 “to study, to work”. She had never been abroad before, spoke no English, had no money. Determination was what she had. Her family had been rich in China but when they fled to Hong Kong they had to start again. Her parents, grandparents and seven children all lived in a wooden hut on a mountain. They ate rice, no meat, no vegetables. There was no water unless they went down the mountain to fetch it, no TV or radio. Her parents worked every day. At night they slept with all the children in one bed, Sylvia’s happiest memory. Her father’s constant message was that education gives power.
Education gives power!
Thank you very much for this article. It has thought provoking implications in relation to the role of education in societies of the so called developing countries. There is a general agreement on the universally positive effect of education on the development of societies. However, without good governance and without accessibility to basic goods and services, education may lead to social unrest and instability.
Coming from humanistic background, it would be simply wrong to claim that education is to blame; however education does create a gap between knowledge and reality. Furthermore, globalized education provides information not merely about local deficiency, but also about global inequality. The newly educated middle classes realize their insufficient social dispositions in their failing societies and also in relation to the global unequal society.
So how do we cope with this double power of education? Information via education gives power to the people; but it also stimulates waves of frustration as they realize that their power is often illusory; locked behind walls of corrupt governments, 'cultural traditions', regional instabilities,... Speech on education gives power essay Provides global higher education coverageEducation Gives Power Quotes - Search Quotes
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