This ppt is about the gangster film genre!

A few other conventions that are a beloved part of the gangster genre include:
At least one of the anti-heroes ends ups dieing at the end or during the course of the film. Most films in the gangster genre are set in cities like Chicago, New York, etc and normally have the characters exposing the myth of the American dream by showing that you
A few other conventions that are a beloved part of the gangster genre include:
"The gangster crime genre, more than any other, is allied in spirit to the dark side of things, and it has always reflected contemporary tensions. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that it too starts disintegrating along with the national psyche in the year 1949. The quality of postwar life was profoundly changed by the dropping of the bomb in 1945. By 1949, fears, guilts, and anxieties had achieved over four years’ time a psychologically ruinous density and momentum. Events at the turn of the decade merely exacerbated the prevailing mental and emotional distress. So, what it is about the gangster genre that fascinates filmmakers and actors so much?Review this list of popular examples to help you get a better understanding of the gangster fiction genre.Boardwalk Empire star Vincent Piazza joins the Masterclash crew to talk about his show and the gangster genre.
HISTORY  Though mob films had their roots in earlier silent pictures, the genre in its purest form was defined in the early 1930s. It owed its innovations to the instability of the time, an instability which resulted from the Great Depression, and catalyzed the gangster genre. The failure of honest hard work and careful investment to ensure financial security led to the explosion of mob films on to the Hollywood scene, and their immense popularity speaks of a society disillusioned with the American way of life.
According to the University of Minnesota and an associate of the school, the Gangster Genre is about a single main character that is going to go through the life of the gangster as he/she (usually a he) rises to the top and then falls back down due to his/her own greed, or mistakes. They also say that the Gangster Genre shows a lot about family crime and killing between groups of people, with lots of dark and tense scenes. The films, The Godfather by Francis ford Collopa, and GoodFellas by Martin Scorsese, are great examples of this genre. Both films show kind of plot you would expect in a Gangster Genre but they also allow for a surprise to each, a little detail that keeps you interested more than the traditional Gangster film because you have something new to figure out. In GoodFellas, it was the fact that you were given the view of a side character, someone who joined the crew and had grown up with them, but it also gives you his perspective, a perspective of one who could never reach the top of the chain. In The Godfather, the twist is in the plot, and how the godfather’s son becomes the head of the family through the turmoil that he has to face, and because of his loyalty he keeps the family as a whole from splitting and in the end “saves” them from falling apart. Also how the characters change, is a major part of the film.Gangster Genre – What’s the best definition for the gangster fiction genre? The gangster genre is a sub-genre of the crime genre and revolves around stories that focus on gangs and other organized criminals with support and resources that are complex – resources far beyond what a single criminal could ever achieve on their own.The grand and long film of The GodFather was created by, Francis Ford Collopa in 1972, a masterpiece of the gangster genre. When people think gangster film they almost always think of The GodFather as being the most defining of the genre. The part about this film that makes it like no other film of its kind and within its genre, is that the story is about the son of the family and the change of character of this boy, it seems like a casual kind of character development, but what it really shows is how harsh and life changing the gangster life really is. In GoodFellas, it was nice to be a side character or the underdog of a mob since you didn’t have to worry about everything that everyone was doing at the same time, you could relax. As the mob leader, or godfather, you need to keep information on people like you would do the taxes, or checks and balances; everything must be up to date. Even during times when you should be relaxation, like at the begging of The GodFather, the head of the family was always stepping inside to deal with family business; fixing problems, making promises, and planning for the future. When the mob leaders son become the godfather of the family he changed dramatically, his happy attitude he never seemed to smile anymore, and when he did business he was always so modest and calm. All the aspects his father had before him were now his. Near the end of the film you finally see, for the first time the original godfather, smiling and having fun with his grandson just before he dies. This shows the harsh reality of being a leader in the mob, when the business didn’t need the original godfather, he was able to truly relax and be relieved of his troubles. The way the characters developed over time in this movie was what had The Godfather had over most films of its genre. The characters went backwards into happiness and into business with despair.