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The proportion of forested land in Lebanon was 10% in 2014, a major reduction on 30% 40 years ago. What is the importance of afforestation and reforestation projects in the drive to create a green Lebanon?
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- Afforestation as there is a need for it to be spoken about and acted upon in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. There is a huge gap that needs to be filled in the whole country and a lot of demystifying of facts around the topic. I would like to work towards creating an awareness on the importance of afforestation, how one can play their part in it and why it is necessary to plant indigenous trees more. What Is The Importance Of Afforestation In NigeriaImportance of Afforestation in India ;Important Of Afforestation Essay Writer
Even though Latin America possesses a great wealth of forest resources, much of it is inaccessible A significant proportion of what is accessible is not exploited, since the continent has only a small number of commercial species It is easy, then, to understand the importance of afforestation and reforestation in all regions with species that combine ecological and economic values.The sales realized resulted from different factors including capacity building where over 2,800 farmers were trained on commercialization aspects that included scheduled production, bunching and other quality specifications. This resulted to increase in the produce supplied to various markets with most of the farmers meeting the market specification which reduced postharvest losses. Trainings on effective technologies and innovations that would lead to more productivity using fewer resources was also provided. Farmers were also sensitized on the importance of afforestation and in July 2014, 13,300 trees were planted.The terrestrial carbon source or sink was influenced by global climate change and land use change. Afforestation, as a type of land use change, can add terrestrial carbon sink and alleviate atmospheric CO2 increment, which was recognized as a counteract measure to the national GHGs emission by internationals and governments. Study on the influence of afforestation on terrestrial carbon sink has become one of the research hotspots in global change and forestry practice. Terrestrial carbon sink and its source were summarized firstly in the paper and the importance of afforestation on terrestrial carbon sink was affirmed. Then the influencing approach of afforestation on terrestrial carbon sink, the change of vegetation and soil carbon and their relationship after afforestation was discussed, and the potential of global afforestation on terrestrial carbon sink was presented. Finally, the shortage of current research and the emphases of future research were given. China has the largest plentation area, with nearly one third of the global total, strengthening the objective research of afforestation and its terrestrial carbon sink, will have an important politic, scientific significance in China.Another area of importance to the project is education, particularly of school children, says Deni Bown, project coordinator and medicinal plant expert with the IITA-Leventis Project. “In this regard we are educating the young on the importance of afforestation and conservation,” she says.