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Well, our living in a foreign country essay should start with a heaven. Yes, that’s the first stage of culture shock. Having arrived at Japan, every day people stumble on lots of new experiences happening one after another. To some extent, that resembles love at first sight. When I first came to Japan, every day I was busy with doing fun things, including eating out, karaoke, parties and so on. At that time I thought that Japan was a great place to live. Indeed, there’re a lot of positive things in this country. For example, that’s a very safe country, it’s stuffed with interesting places and the vast majority of Japanese people are kind.
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Undoubtedly, going to a foreign country has always been a unique and interesting personal experience. At least for the first time, many people perceive it as a fantastic opportunity to stay in a magically new world, where everything has nothing to do with terrible grieves of a native country. At this stage people even subconsciously avoid admitting an idea that there’s a bad side in it. However, just like a new toy, we get used to it and gradually understand the whole reality of the situation. After talking to a great number of foreigners living in Japan, I suddenly discovered that there’re four major stages of culture shock. Let’s tell more about them in this living in a foreign country essay. Living in a foreign country essay | Travel InternationalThe Effects of Living in a Foreign Country Essay - Anti EssaysDon’t neglect this living in a foreign country essay. Perhaps, it will help you soon.