What are the characteristics of a meticulous personality

His meticulous personality is expressed in everything he does
If anybody out there wants to join our data entry team, we are happy to train you. All you need is a laptop with Open Office on it, and a patient and meticulous personality. What you get — for free! — is a kind of X-ray vision into the city as it appears to the naked eye. For example, I happen to know where Gloria Wilson lived in 1958 when she worked at Moonlight Lunch. No, not White Eagle Lunch: Charlie Chew’s place, up Princess. Yeah, the one with the good lemon pie. I may be watching for typos, but I am also writing a novel in my head.
Could Monica's meticulous personality teamed with Chandler's neuroses be the real reason why the popular TV couple couldn't conceive?
Raphael Eckenroth’s journals detail his work experience in the Hershey Chocolate Factory during the Great Depression and World War II. Born in 1908, Eckenroth began working for the Hershey Chocolate Corporation in 1928. Perhaps to accurately record his income during a period of financial uncertainty, or possibly due to a meticulous personality, Eckenroth recorded his daily wages and work assignments in the factory over a period of ten years. Meticulous Personality Trait ClinicPersonality+Character+Traits+Beaver Meticulous Personality TestEssay about meticulous personality
In 2015, stable and abundant income can become their rich capital. The career development also influences wealth a lot. People in sales, finance, insurance, realty and consulting industries will gain ever-increasing incomes. Others can also have some investments in these fields if having enough spare time. Their cautious and meticulous personality will bring extra luck in wealth. Even if there is an affluent life, it is still necessary to make a plan for daily expense and save some money for emergencies.If you can do better, then you do notneed to do the inferior work. A convinced and meticulous personality, endowedby closely worked out discipline. The exhibition contains her graphic andphotographic works. Vardan G. AstvatsatryanHe attended preparatory school at Croftinloan in Pitlochry. He was academically bright and keen on sports. The home farm at the school started his lifelong interest in gardening and rural Scotland. In 1961 he won an open scholarship to Repton School, Derbyshire and became head boy. He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh and graduated in 1972. His medical training in Edinburgh developed his academic mind and applied his meticulous personality to clinical practice. His postgraduate training jobs in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery gave him a lifelong expertise and passion for clinical cardiology. These were groundbreaking days in Edinburgh with bypass machines, heart pacemakers and a mobile Coronary Care Unit staffed by the doctors. In these days high technology was a Morris Minor van with the junior doctors’ treating coronary cases at home with not much more than enthusiasm and an ECG machine. However this early experience led to the sophisticated ambulance and paramedic systems of today throughout Scotland.One thing that really tickled Connie as she developed her sense of food was presentation. Over the summer she had worked for a very fancy caterer, whose creations for weddings and other events had to be not just delicious but gorgeous to behold. The attention to detail appealed to Connie’s meticulous personality and it opened her eyes to what the French mean by the word "menu," not just a list of options, but a selection of little dishes. The order of food, the arrangement of food on the plate can often dramatically affect our experience, especially our sense of a proper portion. A tuna carpaccio artfully formed can be much more satisfying to eat than the same amount scattered on a plate like the dog’s supper. This is part of "les rites de la table" I discuss in another article.The family run Ca' Pisani is pleasingly rebellious to the classic clichés of Venice, a curatorial rest-bite that has subtle intellect with a touch of style attitude and a meticulous personality that makes this hotel, most certainly, a designer rarity.They can also get too cautious which can be annoying for someone that wants to get things done in a hurry. You can enjoy dealing with people like this when you have time on your side but when you need something done under a limited amount of time, you don’t need someone with a meticulous personality on your side.