My MSc Finance at Imperial College Business School - Chengzi

Why did you choose to study MSc Finance at Imperial College Business School?
I did an MSc in Finance at Imperial College. I managed to get interviews at asset management firms etc and other institutions. However none of my Investment Banking applications were successful
MSc Finance of Imperial College London ranked n°20 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Ranking
you don’t need work experience to get in the msc. I have done the Msc Finance Imperial and and 50% of people didn’t have experience, the rest had 2 or 3 months is not that’s competitive..because it is first come first served..the earlier you apply the more chance you have to get in…it is the same for LSE, and CAss first come, first served! just apply don’t worry about the competition, A short animation that overviews our 12 month MSc Finance at Imperial College Business SchoolWelcome to MSc Finance at Imperial College Business School!Study MSc Finance at Imperial College Business School in London – taught by experts in finance at a world leading university. Find out more now.
I’ve heard all of you’ve said and most definately you don’t need one for majority of universities but when I looked on the Cambridge University website and I checked out their Msc in Finance they specifically asked for 2-3 years front office experience meaning it is designed for experienced individuals. I would love to get a place on the Msc in Finance at Imperial but money to pay for the fees is the problem. I’m not sure where I can raise 26,000 plus from. Thanks for your comments.What makes the MSc Finance at Imperial College Business School unique?
One of the best things about this program is the curriculum, which is really interesting and can be adapted it to your interests. Also, it helps you to stand out with specialist knowledge in your area of interest in job interviews. Another great thing from an academic point of view is the professors, who have great international reputation and really want you to understand the topic. There are also many competitions in which you can participate that will make you stand out in interviews. For example, we participated in the UK Investment Banking Trading Competitions (which the Imperial MSc Finance team won) and the CFA UK Investment Research Challenge (we got to the finals and ranked 3rd). What I like most however are the people within the programme. It’s a very diverse group of people who are open, extremely ambitious and very intelligent with different experiences. You have the opportunity to learn from each other and just have a great time while working hard.
Other things that make this program special are the International Elective (one week trip to Dubai to learn more about international finance), CFA partnership (many do CFA level I, II or III exams) and guest speakers in your courses (from hedge funds and private equity).