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A behind the scenes look of rehearsals of Starlighters II Theatre's production of "Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. Get a glimpse of the characters of this poignant yet humerous play written by Drew Hayden Taylor and the "Stars on Stage" that will play them!
Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth is the emotional story of a woman’s struggle to acknowledge her birth family. Grace, a Native girl adopted by a white family, is asked by her birth sister to return to the Reserve for their mother’s funeral. Afraid of opening old wounds, Grace must find a place where the culture of her past can feed the truth of her present. Cast of 2 women and 2 men. Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth; Made in Italy - closed; Blithe Spirit - closed; ..Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth » Books » TalonbooksOnly Drunks and Children Tell the Truth By Drew Hayden Taylor
Welcome to the Boston University Contemporary Drama 2013 blog dedicated to a preliminary exploration of Drew Hayden Taylor’s play Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. This blog is intended for educational purposes and has been curated by a Boston University student. The opinions and views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Boston University, nor is this blog endorsed by Drew Hayden Taylor himself. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the information below.A sad chapter in Canadian history provides the artistic fodder for award-winning Canadian playwright Drew Hayden Taylor in his play Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. By now, the details of this travesty of justice and human decency are well-known.It is important to note that is a companion piece to his earlier play, , which chronicles the first meeting between the protagonist of and her biological mother for the first time. Taylor is adament that the two plays be able to independent from, rather than codependent on one another. In my estimation, it is still important to consider the play when addressing the development and biographical resonances in . Taylor has expressed that “was the mother’s and the family’s story.” (Taylor: Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth, Introduction, pg. 12)In the play, “Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth” by Drew Hayden Taylor, the story of two sisters, Barb and Janice is told. They had not met each other for the first time until Janice had turned 35 and had returned for her first visit. The two are basically strangers and their relationship consists of nothing but anger. The development in their relationship seems to be impossible with the two who are unable to understand each other. Janice’s anger towards her own life and Barb’s anger towards Janice blinds them from understanding and accepting each other. Janice continuously struggles to find her identity and her frustration turns to anger. Barb is angered by Janice’s leaving from Otter Lake, and her indifferent attitude. Janice is too angry about the scoop-up to understand what Barb expects of her. And Barb is too angry at Janice to understand that Janice also has scars of her own.Poem/video response to Drew Hayden Taylor's play Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. English 20. Topic: Residential Schools in Canada.

Poem: Jessy Lee Saas
Song: Circles by Passenger
Statement of Apology: Stephan Harper“This tale is reflective of real life situations and proves once again that inner strength and fortitude can help overcome our worst nightmares…could be one of Taylor’s best works to date…a moving piece of work that combines realism with satire and comedy and leaves the reader (or viewer) with memories and images they won’t soon forget…Down to earth dialogue and realistic character portrayals make ONLY DRUNKS AND CHILDREN TELL THE TRUTH an outstanding read, and one that is likely to have its effect on anyone who picks it up.” Ennis Morris – Alberta Native News