“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” presents an image of...

The Passionate Shepherd To His Love11[Reconstruction of original four-stanza lyric]
The apparent simplicity and innocence of "The Passionate Shepherd" seems to contradict this image of a vice-ridden Marlowe, but the lyric actually packs a lot of punch once you look at it a little deeper: gender issues, social criticism, classical allusions, sexuality, and manipulation are all in there, too, just waiting to be unearthed.
Poetry Teaching Resources: The Passionate Shepherd to His Love (Christopher Marlowe).
(Literature 2- MWF- 12:00-3:00pm) I. Summary It is a pastoral poem which is generally centered on the love of a shepherd to a certain maiden. The shepherd pledged to do the impossible only to make the female accept his pleas. It displays sexuality and imposes young love. The shepherd promises and offers many things to induce the maiden, like romantic entertainment and clothing, as if the time will stand still. The nature seems to be idyllic too, as if the world is too safe and nothing can go wrong. II. Characterization The Passionate Shepherd – he’s the voice in the poem, although amorous, he’s exaggerated, ridiculous and improvident. The Shepherd’s Love – the object of desire of the Shepherd, she’s passive since the author did not give her any voice. Swains – Young country fellows whom the Shepherd mentioned in the last part will dance for his love. III. Conflict Poetry Teaching Resources: The Passionate Shepherd to His Love (Christopher Marlowe).Themes of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love explored, consolidation of meaning and purpose.Themes of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love explored, consolidation of meaning and purpose.
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