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What do you think of when you hear the word philanthropy? What does philanthropy mean to you? Please share your perspectives, thoughts and stories.
What does philanthropy mean?
Philanthropist simply means a person of wealth who gives away a portion or all of his or her money. This may include promoting charitable giving. Several organizations in which philanthropists have helped throughout the years are radio stations, schools, private businesses, sanitation systems, libraries, and specialized units in public hospitals. Others feel that philanthropy is in existence because there was a lack of humanistic, moral, or religious activity in this person’s life. Ok, so maybe you don't know exactly what Philanthropic means; but you've most likely done it once or twice already.What Does Philanthropy Mean to You? | Tactical PhilanthropyWhat does Philanthropy Mean to You? | MedWish
Philanthropy means different things to different people. Some might consider donating money to a non-profit organization of their choosing or donating food or clothing to their nearest . Some might consider baking cookies for their next door neighbor is their contribution to philanthropy. All of these examples, in my eyes are forms of philanthropy. Before I started my internship at , I had a vague idea of what philanthropy really meant.Philanthropy means “focusing on the love of humanity.” In this way a person can care for, develop, or nourish his or her human potential. In modern times it has focused on the quality of life, and balancing a scientific-social area of our lives. It has further branched out into the business and government sectors, as generations have evolved.Philanthropy means lots of different things to lots of different people, so my question to you is: What does philanthropy in Cleveland mean to you?But, I think to be a philanthropist means so much more that just writing a check. It is more than just giving for the sake of giving. Philanthropy is finding a mission that tugs at your heart strings, a mission that moves you. Philanthropy, as the others have indicated is looking outward, rather than inward (i.e. the other, or community well-being is the focus rather than self focus). It is giving of time, energy, knowledge, or money to aid others. Being philanthropic means giving of oneself to improve the human condition. As Theresa noted, helping others also helps us, either through the improvement of the community, or the satisfaction of having contributed to a greater good.Philanthropy means there's power in numbers. Small gifts add up! Student gifts of $5, $10 and $20, combined with larger gifts from parents, alumni and friends, have generated a total of nearly $100,000 for the Pay It Flash Forward Scholarship. Philanthropy in the form of private support is working to make your time at Kent State as valuable and productive as possible for you!Philanthropy means lots of different things to lots of different people, so my question to you is: What does philanthropy in Cleveland mean to you?