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The problems of gender inequality in the legal profession start when women apply to law school, according to a new report from Law School Transparency.
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More of these cases open up every day, and despite the media’s attention, the problems of gender inequality persist. So what can recruiters and businesses do? First and foremost, they can be aware of the problem. The only way gender inequality in tech can be corrected is if those in power are aware of the problem. Then they can work towards building equality: ensuring that at least one woman makes it to the final round of the interview process, promoting women within the company to ensure balanced leadership, and auditing salaries to ensure that women are paid as much as men. These are three small steps that take time and perseverance to enact tangible change, but that is how companies can begin to promote gender equality within their business. Gender Discrimination Is Still a Big ProblemThink you're an equal-opportunity employerWhat Causes Gender Inequality ? -- Robert Max Jackson