Why do professional sports teams in salary cap leagues overpay ..

Visualizing the Yearly Salary of Professional Athletes, NBA Players Average $5+ Million a Year
Professional athletes today are being paid big bucks, and many of the athletes are being reckless with that money. Athletes should be getting a lower salary because that money could be helping so many people and causes. Soon, some natural disaster will happen in your area and there won’t be enough money due to the fact that athletes are taking it all. Athletes should be paid less because colleges are going bankrupt, it is affecting fans, and the increasing salary is starting to hurt other players. The fans of all the sports teams are being impacted. According to Ron Scherer, many problems are rising due to the rising salary for athletes. Labor strikes and problems such as the fans paying for the athlete's payroll have risen (Scherer 1). Fans should not be impacted because they are already paying to see them play at their best by watching TV. Another group, mentioned by Scherer, being affected are children. Children's futures are being twisted and fantasized. Kids hear the salaries, and that's all they want to become - professional athletes that may go down in history. Before long, your children could be having only one dream – to be an athlete, and that could impact many parents as well (Scherer 1-2). Children should have a broader job choice and should be warned of the dangers of that much money. Not only are fans being impacted, but also many other players. The increasing salary for professional athletes is affecting many minor players. According to Albert Spalding who was quoted by Stefan Fatsis, in this economy, "’bankruptcy stares every team in the face,’" but the salaries are still ridiculous. The Knicks pay Stephen Marbury $21 million to be a benchwarmer, and the giants kept Plaxico Burres on the $35 million contract even after he recklessly shot himself in the leg (Fatsis 1). Many teams have many benchwarmers, and a few star athletes. Many benchwarmers...
Salaries for professional athletes vary with the sport. Jockeys, for example, may get a part of the purse or a set fee.

Salaries for professional athletes continue to escalate each year. From Alex Rodriguez's record $252 million contract to David Beckham's $50 million per year .
The average annual salary for Professional Athletes in the US is $36,963. See how your salary compares to other Professional Athletes with Comparably.I'm assuming we're talking about Salary Cap for an individual player not teams since the question refers to Salary Cap for Professional Athletes.Average Professional Athlete Salary
To most observers, the difference between the salaries for professional athletes and teachers seems to reflect mistaken priorities. However, to an economist this disparity is explained by the law of diminishing marginal utility.
Jul 11, 2010 . I think that's partly why so many people object to the high salaries for many professional athletes. Thankfully for my fellow Americans, my .

Jul 11, 2010 . I think that's partly why so many people object to the high salaries for many professional athletes. Thankfully for my fellow Americans, my .