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Some people argue that racism is primarily a belief or attitude and that anyone who unfairly judges another based on race is racist. Others argue that racism is about action and systemic discrimination, so only those with the power to act, and not those who are the targets of discrimination, can be racist. Which argument do you find convincing and why? Is there a difference between racism and prejudice? If so, what is the difference?
Some people argue that a stock dividend is a way of appearing to give something of value to stockholders when?
Some people argue that the Treaty was prepared hastily and by amateurs who, intentionally or otherwise, used language that conveyed a particular meaning in Māori. Others say that the instructions that Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson received from the British were careful, especially concerning land; Hobson and his advisors knew exactly what they were doing when they drafted the English text of the Treaty, and they had previous treaties to guide them. Translation for 'some people argue' in the free Polish dictionary. More Polish translations for: to argue, people, to people, someSome people argue that _____ is the most difficult and most important part of strategic management. Poll responses are kept private SWOT AnalysisTranslation for 'some people argue that' in the free Spanish dictionary. More Spanish translations for: to argue, to people, people, some, that
Some people argue that there is too much government intervention, while others say there is not enough. Do you think there is too little or too much government intervention?
Traffic accident have dramatically increased over the last few years, which is very alarming and thought provoking situation, some people argue that traffic offender should be greatly punished by imposing heavy fines and jailing them in prison,. Other state that the rate of accident could be slow down by implementing various safety measures, which are discussed below.There are a lot of challenges in order to reduce traffic accidents since individuals have accesses to own transports. Some people argue that punishments by police department in any forced way would affect drivers to be more careful about, others refute that it is more crucial to improve road safety for convenience of everyone. Personally, I completely agree with the statement that the importance of revised road rules.2. There is a cut-off point at 14 days after fertilization
Some people argue that a human embryo deserves special protection from around day 14 after fertilization because:Learning is an ongoing activity which starts from our birth and continues till death. Some people argue that learning by own experiences is more efficient and long lasting. However, others state that teachers are the best mentor and their knowledge, experiences, observations and techniques will enable us to learn quickly and effectively. I strongly believe that teachers are the best source of knowledge and their role and efforts are always applaud able and acknowledgeable.Well some people may argue that, were a fast food company to target advertising at young people, it may encourage an unhealthy lifestyle as children may not be aware of the risks of unhealthy eating. Perhaps this is true, but if it is then maybe we ought to take a slightly more nuanced approach, maybe by putting an age limit on specific types of advertising as opposed to certain types of service.Some people argue that consumer behavior is all emotional, and some that the behavior is all rational. Explain some of the rational considerations consumers have when considering purchasing a new home. Now explain some of the emotional factors. Which do you think is stronger?