Another word for celebration | Synonyms for celebration

Another word for celebrated | Synonyms for celebrated
Synonyms for Celebrate
1. honor, solemnize. 2. laud, glorify, honor, applaud, commend, give, grace, laud, magnify, praise, provide 3. immortalize, keep, memorialize, monument, monumentalize, observe, pay tribute to, perpetuate, remember, salute, solemnize
What are some synonyms for celebrate?
The synonyms for celebrate are full of the absolute essence of Christian worship! To honor, solemnize, laud, magnify, praise, memorialize, and remember are key elements of the Eucharistic action. They, in large part, define our life as a Body. Celebrate was chosen as the term for what we do for a reason! What is a synonym for celebration?Synonyms for celebrate Verb 1Synonyms for CELEBRATING