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In today's working world, it's difficult to find better jobs because of many competitions. Every company requires workers with a variety of skills. Some professionals develop their skills over a considerable period of time and had worked for many years. However, employers are not only looking for experienced workers but also for the qualifications and the acquired skills in dealing new technologies nowadays.
Technologies nowadays are really useful as a tool in school
With war being driven by technology nowadays, the CW has upgraded its curriculum to reckon with the best in the world, even throwing some surprises to the visiting foreign armies. The use of paint ball guns, gen-next rock climbing gadgets, and cameras for room intervention are some of the training gadgets used. Slow connection: Technologies nowadaysTechnologies nowadays | Zied Jallouli | TEDxSupCom - YouTubeTechnology Nowadays
You are absolutely right about this. There are many people who tie innovation mainly to products and services in and around technology. And that's not a big wonder knowing how dependent people are on different technologies nowadays, failing to understand that it is basically a set of tools that can assist or confine our imagination. A quote from Abraham Maslow says "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.".
For some it may simply mean missing out on other opportunities in the multidimensional nature of business.

A very good research paper by the MIT Sloan School of Management titled "The 12 Different Ways for Companies to Innovate", touches upon many different areas in which companies can improve or reinvent themselves: offerings, platform, solutions, customers, customers experience, value capture, processes, organization, supply chain, presence, networking and brand.
More on this view can be found .One of the main advantages of technology nowadays relates to savings in business expenses. Technological advances mean small businesses can operate successfully on a fraction of what it once cost. Key components of small-business infrastructure, including sales, accounting and data storage, can now be managed entirely online by renting software remotely as opposed to installing and operating software physically in-house. These Internet-based software applications are collectively labeled software as a service or SaaS. The advantages of SaaS technology nowadays for small businesses include cost savings, tracking, and increased efficiency.The society evolved and became more digital. Technologies nowadays have a huge impact on our lives; the way we communicate and the way we maintain the relations among ourselves. This is also one of the topics that will be discussed at this year’s 21st BledCom Symposium.The cost savings advantages technology facilitates nowadays makes SaaS a highly attractive option for small-business owners. Many SaaS applications are free, while others require nominal monthly fees of $10 to $15, compared to several hundred dollars for downloadable or boxed software. SaaS applications also save small-business owners hundreds of dollars on in-house IT support and staff training costs, because the SaaS vendor takes care of hosting and maintenance.