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This list below shows examples of different types of primary research. It illustrates some of the difficulties associated with obtaining robust quantitative data, for a variety of research subjects. If research follows a scientific methodology then it may be considered science but, as the examples below aim to illustrate, perhaps, not all science is equally robust. This is not due to the researchers; it is because some types of research focus on complex systems, which pose particular difficulties and uncertainties.
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Many types of primary research exist. This guide is designed to provide you with an overview of primary research that is often done in writing classes. This list below shows examples of different types of primary researchMarket research methods | Queensland Governmentyour primary research method(s) on OWL Purdue
The different types of primary research include analysis, observation, surveys and interviews. Analysis involves data collection and organizing this in a way that supports the criteria you developed. This comes into use when you want to find a pattern or trend. Observation involves taking organized notes about what is happening in the world.Observing provides you with insights about specific locales, events and people which is useful when you want to learn more about events without an interview’s biased viewpoint. Surveys are a kind of questioning that is more rigid than an interview. It involves a large group of people and provides information which comes in useful when you want to learn the way a large population thinks. There are even more sub-types of primary research and you can find out more with