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New UGA employees who do not have a Social Security number (SSN) must apply for one. Student employees must first obtain a letter from the Office of International Education to be signed by the hiring department prior to applying for a SSN. Other UGA employees will need to apply for their SSN using their immigration documents and offer letter from the university. The university letter will provide instructions on how to apply through the Social Security office, but please be aware that the Social Security office has restrictive hours . More information about the Social Security office can be located through the link provided under Related Information. Departments processing a personnel form for a student should use the UGA Student ID number. For non-students, please call the Payroll office to obtain a pseudo number to use on the personnel form. Once the employee obtains his/her SSN, their department should notify payroll with the valid number. More information about submitting personnel reports is found under Policy 7 of the policy library, and a link to this policy provided under Related Information.
US Social Security Number or UGA Student ID number (if available) If you are now in the US, what is your current visa status?
Appeals should be in the form of a letter written and signed by the student. Letters should clearly and concisely explain the appeal, state the matter being appealed in the first sentence, and include all relevant information in support of the appeal. Appeals must include the student’s full name, UGA student ID number, postal address, UGA email, and phone number on the first page in the upper left corner. Appeals must be prepared and signed by the student—they cannot be prepared on behalf of the student by another party. The external scholarship check(s) and/or documentation sent to OSFA must reflect the student's name and UGA student ID number.UGA student ID number, postal address, UGA email, and phone number on the first page in the upper left corner.Students can also find their UGA ID number in Athena once a student has logged on.