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SENIOR YEARGet a Letter of Recommendation from two teachers for all three Congressional Nominations. Request high school transcripts be sent to the USNA Submit Candidate Activity Record (from USNA Application Package) to your school counselor for approval and mailing Follow-up on Congressional Interview appointment—be sure they have all materials and you are on the interview list Submit the School Official’s Evaluation of Candidate to appropriate Math and English teachers (this is the Naval Academy’s required two letters of recommendation for the application package) Retake SAT/ACT—until you get them right By December. you should have completed the Congressional Interview As quickly as can be arranged. complete the B&G Candidate Interview Stay in touch with your B&G Officer Follow-up on a Candidate Weekend Visit to the USNA Attend a Candidate Weekend Visit—spend time with a Plebe Follow-up on Medical waivers as neededBuilding a MidshipmanPage 130.
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By an Act of Congress passed in 1903, two midshipman appointments were allowed for each , , and in Congress, two for the , and five each year at large. Currently each member of Congress and the Vice President can have five appointees attending the Naval Academy at any time. When any appointee graduates or otherwise leaves the academy, a vacancy is created. Candidates are nominated by their senator, representative, or delegate in Congress, and those appointed at large are nominated by the Vice President. The applicants do not have to know their Congressman to be nominated. Congressmen generally nominate ten people per vacancy. They can nominate people in a competitive manner, or they can have a principal nomination. In a competitive nomination, all ten applicants are reviewed by the academy, to see who is the most qualified. If the congressman appoints a principal nominee, then as long as that candidate is physically, medically, and academically found qualified by the academy, he or she will be admitted, even if there are more qualified applicants. The degree of difficulty in obtaining a nomination varies greatly according to the number of applicants in a particular state. The process of obtaining a nomination typically consists of completing an application, completing one or more essays, and obtaining one or more letters of recommendation and often requires an interview either in person or over the phone. These requirements are set by the respective senator or congressman and are in addition to the USNA application. »  » Usna application essayProfessional Academic Help. Starting at $7.99 per pageOrder is too expensive? Split your payment apart - Usna application essaysNaval academy summer seminar 2016 acceptances admissions usna application overview the united states naval is a fast paced six day session dates 1 june 4 9.