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THIS is a question that I’ve been asking myself for years upon years; and, trust me, I’ve been getting the answer that any other youth of Guyana would hope to get, which is yes – the youths of today are the faces of tomorrow.
What’s wrong with the youth of today? Little Hitler
Nowadays, a lot of different kinds of movies that are displayed in the cinema can cause some good and bad influence to a large number of citizens including young teenagers in our country. I had been conducted, finished and done a survey about the influence of cinema on youths today by using the questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of twenty different questions and five different options such as strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree and strongly agree. I had been given the questionnaire to a total of thirty peoples in order to let them choose one option on each of the question in the questionnaire. The following are the twenty questions and the results of different choices that are made by thirty persons in the questionnaire. »  » Alcohol and Drugs Affect 33% of Youth TodayLate 80's YOUTH OF TODAY T-Shirt bought from NYHC Veteran Hardcore....Very Hard to find nowadays!!!The Youth Of Today - They know how to play.
What are youths like today? How do they view matters of faith? According to Josh McDowell, Campus Crusade's veteran youth evangelist, "the majority of our young people have become convinced that what is true and relevant is whatever works right now." In other words, what is true is not about what is real but what works. Josh was speaking in the context of America. Is this also true to some extent in Malaysia?Merits of Indian culture were given only passing references and the demerits, if any, were coloured with utmost exaggeration. Thus the native scenario faced by the youths had much to make them ashamed. Though the sixties and seventies witnessed hectic political activities in the institutional campuses with energetic participation of youths, this political influence also waned away in course of time and youths today even hesitate to cast their votes.In response to a questionnaire, a youth in a Malaysian church said: "Yes, what is true is what works for me." Hence a youth may become or remain a "Christian" not because he believes that the claims of Christ are true, meaning real, but only because going to church "works for him" for now. What is it about going to church that works for many youths today? As Josh puts it, "kids today place a premium on spiritual things and meaningful relationship." That means youths may become or remain "Christians" just because going to church happens to meet their need for spirituality and community.Now Christianity is true not because it works. It is true because the Christian hope of eternal life in the New Heavens and the New Earth is real. And Christianity works because it is true. That means Christianity does meet legitimate needs. Let us consider how Christian mission meets the need for spirituality and community in youths today in a way based on the central teachings of Christianity.Now, at the dawn of a New Millennium, with our burgeoning population crossing the one billion mark, the present day culture of the younger generation is worth analysing. In contrast to the monolithic viewpoint in the pre-independence era, youths today represented diversified ideas. Some of them nourish great values and ideals and an concerned about themselves and the society.How then does this mission relate specifically to youths who are convinced that what is true is what works right now? According to Paul, Christian faith springs from Christian hope (Col 1:3-5). This means one becomes a true Christian when he puts his faith in Christ to lay hold of the eternal hope made available through His death, resurrection and ascension. So if one "receives Christ" for any reason other than for the forgiveness of sin to obtain this hope, no matter how well Christianity works for him, he is doing so for the wrong reason. Youths today are more likely to receive Christ for the right reason if they can see how believing in the eternal hope works right now.